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Co-curricular Activities CCA课程丨学习无边界,学习是一种享受
2023-05-09 11:13:09



Besides academic courses, Guangzhou Foreign Language School ISA Wenhua IB Diploma Programme also provides a wealth of co-curricular activities (CCA).Through rich and professional CCA courses, we aim to provide a platform with a comprehensive assessment system in place for students to develop their personality.  



Today we will talk about the CCA curriculum, which is a significant part of GZFLS ISA Wenhua IB Diploma Programme.



About CCA

CCA,英文全称Co-Curriculum Activities,是主科之外有助于学生成长的延伸课程,它涉及人文、理科、社科、艺术、体育领域的学科,帮助学生构建学科知识之外,诸如实践、审美、协作、领导力、批判、表达等方面的综合能力。

Co-curricular Activities (CCA) are additional courses that help students grow and learn beyond their main subjects. The CCA curriculum involves subjects in the humanities, sciences, social sciences, arts and sports, and helps students build comprehensive skills beyond the subject knowledge, such as practical, aesthetic, collaborative, leadership, critical, and expressive skills.






“The essence of education means that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul.”


--Jaspers, “What is Education”






“If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

-- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince



It is the core leadership skill of a captain to inspire people's interest in order to make them motivated.




At any stage of the development of education, igniting the passion of the heart for the big world, the unknown and life itself is the essence of education. We believe that CCA plays the role of the spark that starts the fire.




That's why we offer CCA courses based on the following principles: discovering students' talent, developing their athletic habits and creativity, and broadening the social life of the IB learners with an interest-oriented approach.





Meanwhile, CCA is also regarded as an important part of the IB programme. In designing the curriculum, we designate the time of every day after 16:30 as CCA time, during which students participate in a variety of activities to better enjoy school life, explore knowledge beyond books, and gain a broader perspective for future university applications and studies.



We have always believed that there are wonderful things to explore and important abilities to develop beyond academic achievement at this most important development stage of the students’ life.



Come and follow us into the CCA classes of GZFLS ISA Wenhua IB Diploma Programme!


CCA 精彩剪影

CCA Highlights



Arts & Sports



Physical Ballet



Physical ballet is a variety of ballet and designed to improve physical fitness. In practicing physical ballet, IBers strengthen the muscular endurance and flexibility of their body through a combination of static and dynamic movements, improve their sense of music through the influence of beautiful music, and learn to integrate the unique elegance of ballet into their life.





Musicals consist mainly of music, dance, singing, and dialogue (i.e. acting), with a combination of various arts. The musical styles are diverse. While studying musicals, IBers improve their interest and appreciation of music and acting. While rehearsing musicals, they develop the qualities of teamwork and resilience, which are valuable for their growth.




Photography and Directing




更重要的是,同学们会通过摄影这一媒介,学会如何打破所谓的标准、 规则,并创造出对自己具有挑战性的独特作品。 

In this class, IBers are often active in the field rather than just sitting in the classroom and learning theory. These photographers are active in events such as sports games, and many of their works have been used in different platforms.

Through practice, students learn the meaning of actors' body movements and emotions, the choice of lines, the arrangement of light, the composition of photo, the editing of rhythm, and even the combination of photo and sound.

More importantly, through the medium of photography, students learn how to break the so-called standards and rules and create unique work that is challenging to them.







"Ha!" The shouts of IBers echoed through the playground. In the taekwondo class, IBers are taught the spirit of "etiquette and integrity, patience and self-restraint, perseverance", and they develop a strong will and positive qualities while exercising their bodies, and the virtues of courtesy, humility, and generosity. These qualities will always be with the them to help them face challenges and pressures from society in a healthy and confident way.




Additional Academic Courses


To help our IB students become open-minded and knowledgeable, in addition to the mandatory courses of the IBDP curriculum, we also offer free of charge a number of academic courses that are of interest to our IB students, so that they may have the opportunity to be exposed to new knowledge that’s different from what they are learning.





CCA 心理学中,IB学子从有趣的心理学实验和现象入手,进行系统学习,了解科学地研究人和动物的行为和心理,真正走进心理学的世界。

How do human senses develop? What is the human consciousness about? Why do people dream?

In CCA psychology class, IB students learn systematically from interesting psychological experiments and phenomena to understand the scientific study of human and animal behavior and psychology, and truly enter the world of psychology.



Computer Science


The CCA computer science class is equivalent to a first-semester college-level course, with objectives similar to those of the introductory courses taught by most U.S. university computer science departments.




Here, IBers learn to use Java to solve problems, and their learning includes problem solving, design of strategies and methods, data organization (data structures), methods for processing data (algorithms), analysis of potential solutions, and the ethical and social implications of computing, which establish the bridge for IBers to become competent citizens in today's information society.






In the Japanese class, our motto is "Speak up and do it". The CCA Japanese class provides a platform for the IB students who are interested in Japanese language and culture to learn Japanese, understand Japan culture,and enhance their teamwork skills.









What is French like as the fabled most romantic language in the world? Why has it become an official language of the United Nations and so widely spoken? And what lies behind it?

In the CCA French class with French languge lovers gathered, IBers learn the French language, dive deep into French culture, learn about intercultural communication, and develop an intercultural mindset.



Language Training






English language skills are crucial for IB learners as English is an important medium for their learning. Therefore, we offer TOEFL and IELTS courses in CCA for students who wish to further their English language skills, so that they could make full use of the school's resources to strengthen their English skills, and learn to use English to study other IB subjects and learn more about different knowledge and cultures.




In the journey of participating in CCA, the students did their best to devote themselves to the activities they were involved in. In the process, the IBers learned the true spirit of sports, felt the charm of music, broadened their horizons and improved their overall competence, all of which will always accompany the students in their journey of growth and have a long-lasting impact on them.



There are many more CCA offered by GZFLS ISA Wenhua IB Diploma Programme, and we will introduce them all later.We will also develop more CCA to support the students in developing their different personalities. We hope that each student will be able to learn from the CCA courses,discover their talent in the process and become a better self.