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Inside IB Class走进IB课堂丨实现IB全人教育的核心路径——CAS(创造、行动与服务)
2023-05-09 11:11:34



The IB curriculum offers programmes from kindergarten to pre-university for students around the world, providing students with education in intelligence, emotion, personal development, social skills, etc., so that they can acquire the abilities to study, work and survive in the world. IB is recognized by many world-renowned schools because of its curriculum of high standards and its curriculum is called "mature international quality education".




As one of the three core components that students of IBDP must take, CAS can be described as the core path to realize IB holistic education. CAS is like a guiding light of IB values, helping students develop into unique individuals, providing opportunities for students to explore personal interests and express personal passion, character, and perspective.


那么CAS到底是什么? IB学生如何在CAS中得到多维度能力,实现成长?让我们来一探究竟吧!

So, what exactly is CAS? How can IB students acquire multi-dimensional abilities and realize growth in CAS? Let's find out!




Multi-dimensional Development of the Whole Person



CAS is the abbreviation of Creativity, Activity, Service. It encourages students to deepen their self-knowledge, exercise self-determination awareness, strengthen the spirit of collaboration, and gain a sense of accomplishment, cultivating students to become all-round citizens. Guided by the core concepts of CAS, IB students participate in a variety of extracurricular courses and activities in the school, and further move towards the ten attributes of IB learner profile.









Among them, “creativity” covers activities that motivate students to be creative and strengthen their ability to express themselves. IB students develop their creativity by participating in activities of art, music, drama, dance, debate, photography, film, and learning new languages such as microfilm festival, ISA Festival, learning new languages in school etc. In these activities, on the one hand, students can explore and develop innovative ways of thinking, viewpoints, and expressions; on the other hand, they can use their specialty and imagination to seek breakthroughs and innovations based on their existing knowledge and skills.








“Activity” includes hands-on activities that students participate in, such as playing different types of sports and team competitions and participating in outdoor activities. In GZFLS ISA Wenhua IB Diploma Programme, students actively take part in various sports, such as tennis, badminton, basketball, etc., form sports clubs, and organize sports competitions, which help the students cultivate a healthy lifestyle, develop good living habits, and develop organization and coordination skills at the same time.








“Service” encourages students to participate in projects or activities aimed at helping others and cultivating a sense of social responsibility and caring for the community. Under the guidance of CAS core, IB students are making contributions to society and the community, while cultivating and improving their decision-making ability and problem-solving ability.





Multiple Ways to Implement the CAS Concepts



As part of the IB core curriculum, CAS does not simply point to an activity, but has a complete evaluation system. For example, students need to achieve a balance among creativity, activity, and service, go through the process of "research-preparation-action-reflection-presentation", have the project last more than one month, and achieve 7 learning goals and other requirements etc.



CAS activities are not easy. Therefore, teachers of GZFLS ISA Wenhua IB Diploma Programme give students all-round guidance thereon. On the one hand, they provide CAS guidance classes to help students reflect on their own interests and strengths, and initially formulate CAS goals and plans. On the other hand, the CAS group tutors follow up the students' CAS activity progress and provide comprehensive guidance and evaluation throughout the whole process.



In addition, GZFLS ISA Wenhua IB Diploma Programme also provides multiple platforms and rich resources to help students carry out CAS activities.



First, in addition to academic courses, GZFLS ISA Wenhua IB Diploma Programme and Guangzhou Foreign Language School jointly provide more than 50 CCA courses, including courses in humanities, science, social science, art, sports, and other fields for students to choose from to facilitate students’ in-depth exploration in music, sports, art, etc., ignite students' inner passion for the vast world, the unknown things, the living things and life itself, stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning and exploration in various aspects, and help students understand the direction of their CAS projects.



At the same time, the IB Programme has set up a platform for a variety of clubs for students, with the clubs ranging from exploration of in-class economics knowledge to that of extracurricular astronomy knowledge, from daily basketball to musicals in theatre, from simply focusing on hobbies to caring about sustainable development... IB clubs can be described as all-encompassing, and IB students are able to develop their specialties in them, improve creativity, self-management, teamwork skills, event organization skills and leadership, cultivate awareness of service and dedication, and learn how to create a better community environment.



Benefiting from the dual brand advantages of Guangzhou Foreign Language School and ISA International Education Group, GZFLS ISA Wenhua IB Diploma Programme also integrates CAS into the students' learning experience through activities such as the Microfilm Festival, ISA Charity Month, Interdisciplinary Week etc.





Achievements in Multiple Aspects



Thanks to the joint efforts of students and teachers of GZFLS ISA Wenhua IB Diploma Programme, some CAS projects have achieved initial results, playing a positive role in the community and society, and have been recognized by all parties.


以项目《逃离美丽陷阱:广州高中生的容貌焦虑》为例,IB同学们关注到了在高中学生群体中的“容貌焦虑”现象5个月的时间开展 “拒绝容貌焦虑”系列行动,创造正面价值,用切实行动带领社区获得新的认识,成果更荣获青年影响力项目(Youth Impact Communication)最高奖项——最佳青年影响力奖(Superior Award)

Taking the project "Escape from the Beauty Trap: Appearance Anxiety of Guangzhou High School Students" as an example, IB students noticed the phenomenon of "appearance anxiety" among high school students and spent 5 months carrying out a series of activities of "Rejecting Appearance Anxiety" to create positive values, using practical actions to lead the community to gain new understanding thereof. This project even won the highest award of Youth Impact Communication - the Superior Award!



The society we live in is also a major focus of the CAS projects for IB students. To help and heal the "Children of the Stars", Ouyang, a G10 student, established the Autism Awareness Association to care for them and to promote communication and integration of children with autism through long-term help. IB students also set up the ISA Wenhua Volunteer Team to care for and help disadvantaged groups and children, through its long-term cooperation with Children’s Hope Guangzhou, in providing a warm shelter for children and their families who come to Guangzhou for medical treatment and other social welfare services, fulfilling social responsibilities, and caring for the society. The ISA Wenhua volunteer team was unanimously recognized and won the title of "Excellent Volunteer Team" in Guangzhou Foreign Language School in 2022!




In addition to improving the abilities of students in multiple dimensions, CAS effectively caters to students’ future needs. What CAS focuses on is very much in line with the core competitiveness required for elite school applications. For example, the mission of Harvard University on its official website mentions “students embark on a journey of intellectual transformation” and “students will begin to fashion their lives by gaining a sense of what they want to do with their gifts and talents, assessing their values and interests, and learning how they can best serve the world.” There is no doubt that the core requirements of CAS help students become fully prepared with high-quality for entering the world's higher education institutions.